Members enjoy access to the full club facilities, reduced price bed night rates and use of the members bunkroom without the need to book in advance. They are also invited to attend the AGM where they are entitled to vote on decisions affecting the club and the current committee members and section leaders. Once your membership is ratified at the AGM following your probationary period (6 months) you are also eligible to stand for committee posts. There is also the AGM dinner following the meeting, one of the only ‘formal’ events of year (Black Tie attire generally worn, though not mandatory!) . As a member you can also choose to be added to the email group, MNRC talk. This is an excellent way of keeping abreast of upcoming events, discussing preferences for activities being organised and generally chit-chatting!

Caving members can also be issued with a yearly charterhouse caves permit (included in the price of membership), enabling them to access the charterhouse cave system with an appropriate leader.

Prospective members are usually required to take part in club activities with club members before being considered for membership. Applications for membership must be proposed and seconded by full members, ideally one of whom should be a committee member. The best way to obtain a proposer and seconder is to spend a few weekends at the Mendip Nature Research Station to meet members, or to go on organised trips with the club.

M.N.R.C Centenary Formal Dinner


The club publishes its own newsletter for the membership and local clubs, and is a means for members to have communicate their experiences and opinions to the membership. It is also a means of communication for the committee to the membership and provides a diary and booking section for upcoming events.

Members are encouraged to write articles and reports to share with the rest of the membership to generate and maintain interest in the club and its activities. The newsletter is made up of articles that the membership provides to the Editor to combine, and is not written by the Editor.

Membership fees

Under the BCA rules all members of a BCA member club must be insured under the BCA scheme, i.e. become Club Independent Members of BCA. If any members are not insured, or insured incorrectly, the clubs insurance may be invalidated.

BCA have three types of insurance, Caving and Non-caving and Student. If you cave, or intend to cave, you must have Caving (or Student) insurance.

If you are insured with BCA through another club you do not need to pay twice.

The current fees for both MNRC and BCA are set out in the application form, which can be downloaded below

Membership application

For further information regarding membership or to become a member please fill in this form and send to the address on the form


Alternatively you can email the Treasurer and Membership Secretary for more information on how to become a member.