Winter Walking is an informal weekend of walking and socialising usually attended by 15-20 people. It was a regular feature of the M.N.R.C. calendar for a number of years but fell into abeyance for a few years. It was revived in 2004 when Steve Shipston organised a very successful weekend at Coniston. David Harvey and Ros Day organised the next one in 2006 and have organised all 8 subsequent events.

In mid/late summer we start looking for a venue and canvassing opinions on options with the M.N.R.C. members. Once the venue is booked information and a booking form will be published on the website and in the MNRC newsletter. To avoid disappointment or confusion a deposit, usually £20 per person, is required at the time of booking.

The weekend usually happens in late January (last weekend of the month).


We hire a Youth Hostel or bunkhouse for the weekend (Friday pm to Monday morning). Nowadays we like our creature comforts so the establishment chosen will have proper toilets, showers, heating, good cooking facilities and a comfortable common room. We try to vary the venue to take in different parts of the country, but always look for somewhere scenic, with good walking.

How long/difficult are the walks?

Arrangements for walks are informal – people choose walks according to their own tastes and level of fitness, indeed it is not compulsory join a walk at all if you don't want to – you could choose to visit a local museum or other site of interest, or even stay indoors if you wish.

What do I need to bring?

As it's Britain in January and often hill country, weatherproof walking gear is essential. Some venues do not supply bedding – it will be made clear at booking if you need to bring a sleeping bag. Group catering is usually organised – it is cheaper and easier, but it is not compulsory to join in.

How much does it cost?

We hire a whole hostel so cost depends on numbers attending. It usually works out at £15-20 per person per night. Joint catering is usually around £20-25 per person. This covers 3 evening meals (main course + pud), 3 breakfasts, packed lunches and plenty of snacks.

MNRC Winter Walking Weekend 22nd-24th January 2016

We're very pleased to say that for this year's trip we're heading back to the ever popular Lake District and have booked The Shackleton Lodge on the northern shore of Windermere for the weekend of 22nd-24th January 2016.

The area offers plenty of options for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm, from the high peaks to sceniclower level walking and although the Lodge is in secluded woodland it's only a mile from all the kit shops andtea rooms in Ambleside :^)

As usual we've hired the whole place so the cost depends on how many people come along. We've been given a bit of a discount over the website price :^) taking it down to £700 for up to 25. So if there's 15 people it's £47 each, £35 each for 20, down to £28 each if we get 25.

To secure your place please download the form below and send it with a deposit of £20 per person to the address listed in the form. Sorry, but in fairness to everyone, no places will be reserved without this – No deposit, no booking.


Past Trips

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